NMFC numbers and classification must be on bill of ladings (B/L) in order for Ascent to dispute discrepancies with carriers. In the event that this information is not on the bill of lading and the carrier bills at a class other than what was on the B/L we will not be able to dispute such bills.

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  • Always use ACTUAL CLASS of product when utilizing the TMS.
  • Shipments containing one or more articles that exceed 6 feet (72 inches) in length, your LTL rates may not apply.
  • Any shipment over 10,000 lbs and/or more than 6 pallets and/or occupies more than 12 - 14 feet of the trailer your LTL Rates may not apply.
  • Any shipment that will occupy more than 750 cubic feet of a trailer and has a density less than 6 pounds per cubic foot your LTL Rates may not apply.
  • If using Old Dominion or XPO Freight and shipment is at least 350 cubic feet but less than 750 cubic feet and has a density of less than 3 lbs per cubic foot - LTL Rates will NOT apply.
  • Shipments to/from Islands and/or shipments that require the use of a ferry may incur additional fees that the TMS will not display.
  • Please contact Ascent to verify an LTL rate you may have a question about and/or to receive a Volume or Truckload quote for any shipment where your LTL rates do not apply.